Race Equality Week

A week when organisations across the country unite in activity to address race in the workplace. 

Green Park co-founded Race Equality Matters and launched the UK's first Race Equality Week in 2021 with our partners The Collaboratory. The week unites employees and organisations in one aim; the progression of race equality in the workplace through action. In 2021 over 2,000 organisations participated, rising to 3,500 in February 2022.

Race Equality Week 2022 saw global reach through news coverage, campaign activity and events. We are proud to have helped provide free resources to help drive change in the over 3,500 organisations who participated in Race Equality Week 2022. As Race Equality Week and Race Equality Matters continues to grow so does its ability to provide free, co-created solutions for tackling race inequality in the workplace.

Race Equality Week 2023 will be 6-12th February and will capitalise on the successes of previous years to make an even bigger impact for UK organisations and our communities as a whole. 


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Access To Guides And Events

Race Equality Week 2022, #ActionNotJustWords

The launch of UK’s second ever Race Equality Week focused on providing free tools and resources for individuals and organisations to start conversations and drive change in the workplace. Green Park, Edelman and Race Equality Matters launched the #MyNameIs Campaign; a social movement encouraging individuals to share their phonetic names and the importance behind them, all made easy through the Fu-Net-Ic tool.

Alongside this campaign ran a range of events where expert speakers provided tips to driving inclusion and equity in the workplace. Race Equality Week is meant to be a catalyst for ongoing change, a week every year where organistions get inspiration, review and take action that drives the change we want to see. 

Race Equality Week 2023

6-13th February. 

Building on the momentum of 2022 we are expecting an even bigger week in 2023 having an event larger impact on individuals and orgnaisaitons. Join the many free events in the lead up to this week, helping establish activity, strategy and setting clear metrics.

How To Get Involved

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Race Equality Week Events

Free virtual events were run throughout Race Equality Week. Topics were selected by the Race Equality Matters network and featured spme of the biggest challenges faced in UK workplaces. These events featured an outstanding line up of expert speakers who shared vital information for organistions looking to change words into action and make a change. 

2022 saw over 3,000 event registrations and left participants with practical recommendations for driving inclusion. Due to the quality of the speakers and content discussed, 97% of respondents learnt something new. 

"This has been an informative, but also empowering session. All speakers were excellent presenters, experienced & clearly passionate" 

Green Park are passionate about ensuring there are as few barriers as possible for driving lasting change in organistions. It is therefore important to us that these sessions with exceptional consultants and leaders sharing practical recommendations remain free to access and attend to all. 

Driving Change


To mark Race Equality Week 2022, Green Park, Edelman and Race Equality Matters developed the #MyNameIs Campaign, promoting phonetic name spelling and the importance of names. Your name is part of your heritage, identity and pride. But all over the world, names are mispronounced. And regardless of the reason, it's hurtful to those affected. That is why we launched a digital tool that helps people share their real names by translating it to phonetics. Encouraginh discussion around this common microaggression and providing the ability to share stories with their networks was essential to driving awareness of the impact of mispronounciation. 

This campaign saw quick pick up in the media including Metro, the Mirror and the Sunday Express combined with over 2,000 community contributions to #RaceEqualityWeek and #MyNameIs across social media and the adoption of the campaign from large global brands. One month after launch in February 2022 the tool had seen 1.74 billion impressions, 50,000 social posts, 46,000 phonetic name searches and most importantly has encourage open discussion around the importance of names and driven inclusion in organisations globally. 

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"Why do we need Race Equality Week? Quite simply because we do not have race equality and, until we do, we have to do everything we can to achieve it through the kind of action and collaboration that Race Equality Week can mobilise. I urge every organisation to participate."

Nicholas Cheffings

Senior Counsel | Hogan Lovells

"As Lord Mayor of the City of London, diversity and inclusion was at the heart of my role. I'm glad to say that we have seen some progress, particularly on gender and LGBTQ+ but we know there is much more to do, especially on race. Race Equality Week, such a simple but brilliant concept, provides everyone with the perfect opportunity to keep the momentum for change going, and even accelerating."

Dame Fiona Woolf DBE, DL

Former Lord Mayor of London (2013/14)

“My name is my heritage and my ancestry. It has closed and opened doors for me, it has been a source of shame and othering and equally my sense of identity and individuality. The #MyNameIs campaign has helped me to reclaim it and I now say it more proudly.”

Sara [sah-rah] Chezari [chees-ah-ree]

Support and Development Officer | Connected Voice

"Diversity UK is pleased to be a founding partner of the Race Equality Matters because progress on improving race representation at all levels in corporate life, civil society and the public sector in Britain has been too slow. We all need to work towards building back the trust and support of the disadvantaged and disenfranchised and Race Equality Matters is the ideal flag bearer for this progress."

Lopa Patel

Chair | Diversity UK

“The Tea Break is just what we need. I believe that if this had existed previously then many more organisations would have made significantly more progress in their efforts to tackling race inequality."

Carol Elderfield

HR Director | Amey PLC

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