Race Equality Matters

Following the murder of George Floyd and the social unrest of 2020, Green Park strove to turn this moment into a movement and change words into action. Green Park therefore co-founded the not-for-profit, Race Equality Matters with a mission to create meaningful change in the workplace and society.

Race Equality Matters does not produce reports or create charters, it proactively promotes useful intelligence to create solutions and work with collaborating networks, individuals and experts to implement the change members seek. Since inception, 4,500 organisations have become part of the Race Equality Matters movement, developing and downloading resources, attending events and sharing insights.

We believe there should be no barriers or excuses for organisations to drive positive change. Race Equality Matters therefore provides free, practical initiatives and events to help all organisations make a difference no matter their size, budgets or structure.

In 2021 the UK's first Race Equality Week was launched with the objective of uniting employees and organisations to drive the progression of race equality in the workplace through action. In 2021 over 2,000 organisations participated, rising to 3,500 in February 2022 and most recently 4,500 in 2023 which totaled over 4 million employees reached.


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Organisations Involved In Race Equality Week 2023


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Collaboratively Created. Action Orientated. Proven Results.

Race Equality Matters solutions are developed in collaboration with experts and those with lived experience. Working with race networks and leaders, solutions are developed to make a difference. If the network does not think it will drive change, it is not done.

The Race Equality Network consists of over 4,500 organisations with exclusive networking events and the opportunity to work with Race Equality Matters on developing new solutions and in turn ensuring they are designed to make the biggest impact possible.

Each initiative has a free step by step guide and how to do it rights workshops to provide advice and support to ensure these have the biggest impact possible. Solutions include:

Race Equality Matters Solutions Include:

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Race Equality Matters Trailblazers

Developed in partnership with those with lived experience, the Trailblazer series will spotlight organisations that are implementing impactful solutions to drive race equality.

The purpose is to:

  • Identify what organisations are doing that is making a meaningful impact
  • Encourage organisations that are making an impact to keep the momentum going
  • Inspire other organisations to up their game

It will also enable REM to identify what works, to help create future solutions plus share findings

We also believe that peer competition, stimulated by this recognition of excellence, will make a significant impact to accelerate tackling race inequality in the workplace.

The concept of being recognised as a REM Trailblazer enables an organisation to evidence its commitment to race equality to its key stakeholders, including customers, clients, employees and future employees. 

[REM] The Collaboratory
[REM] AutoTrader
[REM] Network Rail
[REM]  Kick It Out
[REM]  Edelman

"As Lord Mayor of the City of London, diversity and inclusion was at the heart of my role. I'm glad to say that we have seen some progress, particularly on gender and LGBTQ+ but we know there is much more to do, especially on race. Race Equality Week, such a simple but brilliant concept, provides everyone with the perfect opportunity to keep the momentum for change going, and even accelerating."

Dame Fiona Woolf DBE, DL

Former Lord Mayor of London (2013/14)

“My name is my heritage and my ancestry. It has closed and opened doors for me, it has been a source of shame and othering and equally my sense of identity and individuality. The #MyNameIs campaign has helped me to reclaim it and I now say it more proudly.”

Sara [sah-rah] Chezari [chees-ah-ree]

Support and Development Officer | Connected Voice

"Why do we need Race Equality Week? Quite simply because we do not have race equality and, until we do, we have to do everything we can to achieve it through the kind of action and collaboration that Race Equality Week can mobilise. I urge every organisation to participate."

Nicholas Cheffings

Senior Counsel | Hogan Lovells

"Diversity UK is pleased to be a founding partner of the Race Equality Matters because progress on improving race representation at all levels in corporate life, civil society and the public sector in Britain has been too slow. We all need to work towards building back the trust and support of the disadvantaged and disenfranchised and Race Equality Matters is the ideal flag bearer for this progress."

Lopa Patel

Chair | Diversity UK

“The Tea Break is just what we need. I believe that if this had existed previously then many more organisations would have made significantly more progress in their efforts to tackling race inequality."

Carol Elderfield

HR Director | Amey PLC

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