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SHORT FILM | Diversity and Dementia - Working with Alzheimer's Society featuring Dr Kamel Hothi OBE

As Green Park compile its 2019 BAME 100 Business Leaders report - which showcases some of the country’s most talented and successful black, Asian and minority ethnic leaders -  for release on 11th September, we decided to find out more about some of our 2018 leaders – and why they were a natural choice for our list.

In a new series of fascinating films, we meet three exceptional people, hear their stories and explore their remarkable achievements and expertise.

Though each and every one of the people in our 2018 index has their own amazing story, we’ve chosen to focus on three extraordinary individuals: Dr. Kamel Hothi OBE, Daniel Taylor MBE and Dr. Nneka Adebulokwe OBE. Each film takes us into the leader’s world and provides a fascinating insight into their thoughts, work and aspirations, as well as the reasons why they are such inspirational role models for the younger generation.

We focus first on Dr. Kamel Hothi OBE, a trailblazer in the world of banking, who continues to make an impact through her work with numerous charities.

The Alzheimer’s Society is a cause that’s particularly close to Dr. Hothi’s heart and she now acts as an ambassador for the organisation. In an exclusive Green Park interview, she told us about the challenges that Alzheimer’s and dementia bring to the workforce and why hiring diverse people is more important than ever.   

Diversity and dementia

It’s predicted that by 2021, there will be a million people living with dementia in the UK. It’s an alarming statistic, which has many hidden impacts for society and the workforce. With women making up 60%-70% of dementia carers, a significant number of talented women are obliged to leave their jobs. Clearly, this reduces diversity in the workforce – but why is that important? For Dr. Hothi, diversity is essential for a perspective that’s in tune with today’s society.

“When you have diverse people… they are more empathetic. They understand what that empathy brings to the table as well as to employees and customers.”

Diversity - the bigger picture

Dr. Hothi believes the added insight that diversity brings is essential in today’s globalised world. With more people moving across international borders, employers need to reflect their workforce and understand who their employees are.

“The reason diversity hiring is important is because the world is changing,” says Dr. Hothi. “People are travelling globally. You’ve got to be aware of where your talent is coming from.”

An increasing number of organisations such as Transport for London have recognised this shift and have hired diverse boards accordingly. But while such progress is encouraging, it’s only a step forward, as Dr. Hothi stresses:

“We’ve been talking about diversity for a long time and we know the business case: a diverse board will add 30% to the bottom line. But a recent Green Park report says it will take until 2066 to get really diverse boards.”

With the help of outstanding BAME leaders such as Dr. Hothi, Green Park will continue to move the dial on diversity. For more insight into Dr. Hothi’s work, watch our video.

About Dr. Kamel Hothi OBE

From cashier to director to strategist and programme architect: Dr. Kamel Hothi’s OBE rise through the banking world has been nothing short of spectacular.  As she’s broken through glass ceilings, Dr. Hothi has shaped the industry through all kinds of pioneering initiatives. She has also brought her drive and expertise to a range of charitable organisations, acting as a Trustee, Advisor or Non-Executive Director. Passionate about introducing a new style of more inclusive leadership, Dr. Hothi has influenced many with her views on cultural inclusion and wellbeing.

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