13 April, 2018

Recruitment International: Diversity isn't about being charitable, says Green Park

New analysis by Green Park reveals its clients in the charities sector are proactively seeking to close the diversity gap at the top of their organisations. Of the candidate placements made by Green Park onto the boards of charitable organisations from 2015 to 2017, 24% were from a BAME background. In addition, over a third (39%) of board placements made by the executive search firm into charities were women.

This represents considerable progress when benchmarked against current industrywide representation.  A study undertaken by the Office for Civil Society and the Charity Commission found that just 8% of trustees on charities’ boards are from a BAME background while 33% are women.

Kai Adams, Partner, Charities and Social Enterprise practice at Green Park, explained the drivers behind this apparent momentum: “It is at board level where there should be insight and challenge, ownership and accountability. The more differentiated the trustee group, the more differentiated the questions asked and the solutions offered.”

Despite the growing emphasis on diversity in the recruitment process, there are some pitfalls charities need to consider, adds Adams. One key danger is ‘recruitment fatigue,’ as many BAME candidates report being regularly contacted because of their diversity rather than their experience or ability. If these practices aren’t addressed, they will leave a lasting negative impact on the sector’s employer of choice status in attracting new diverse candidates and on the specific organisation’s employer brand.


This article was published in Recruitment International on the 12th of April, 2018. To read the full Recruitment International article, click here. 

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