10 March, 2020

Organisations need to increase their speed of delivery to survive

In a world that’s moving faster than ever, how do you keep pace? How do you develop better, more efficient systems quickly and gain a competitive edge? For a growing number of organisations, the answer is experts such as Saul Zarrate. A talented IT Programme Manager, he’s helping Green Park clients deliver £multi-million projects through Continuous Delivery.

What is Continuous Delivery?

“Continuous Delivery is all about delivering software and technology in a quicker way, to a higher quality,” says Saul. “It means continuously delivering added value to users, customers and consumers as quickly as we can. Organisations are adopting this way of working to remain competitive. Increasing speed of delivery is essential if you want to survive.”

Saul is currently helping a public sector client transform their Technology department – a huge undertaking. But he stresses that successful Continuous Delivery is about far more than IT and systems.

“There are three components to Continuous Delivery. The first is culture: embedding new ways of thinking. To make transformational changes and encourage innovation, you need to empower people to establish better ways of working. The second component is drafting in people with the skillset to support and accelerate the adoption of new ways of working. They’ll make processes and teams work in a leaner, more agile way, using feedback loops. The third component is a techy one, where cloud solutions and automation are introduced. For Continuous Delivery to work, you need all three components.”

Why should I consider Continuous Delivery?

Saul believes there are a host of benefits awaiting those who choose Continuous Delivery, from faster development time to greater system stability:

“The lead time from conceptualisation to workable artefact tends to be increased. Meanwhile, risk is minimised thanks to the constant feedback loops. System downtime is reduced, with less disruption for customers. And with frequent feedback from customers, I can change direction easily and make the most of time and budgets.”

The Green Park approach

Although there are many businesses offering expertise in Continuous Delivery, Green Park’s approach is unique, with a service that’s designed to meet each client’s specific needs. As Saul says, “We’re not like other consultancies who give every client the same presentation and service. We find out what clients want to achieve, put a bespoke plan together, coach their team and provide tailored assistance. We believe in enabling teams and companies to become self-sustained. We don’t leave until the team is ready to manage Continuous Delivery by themselves.”

Life at Green Park

A highly experienced professional and skilled Scrum Master, Saul has built his expertise working with a number of organisations across different sectors. So, what makes Green Park different from the rest?

“I have a real affinity with the People Solutions Practice, especially the team. They believe in striving for high achievement. They believe that others matter, and that they’re the key to driving change. I like the culture. It’s good to be surrounded by people who have the same positive values as you do.”

Could Continuous Delivery benefit your organisation? Contact Green Park’s People Solutions Practice on info@green-park.co.uk to find out more about our specialists or to see how the team can help your organisation streamlime your recruitment and talent managment process to make it more efficient.

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