23rd May 2019 3 minutes read

3…2…1: and we’re live!

Hello and welcome to our shiny new Green Park website! If you’re reading this in May, you are one of the very first visitors to the newly re-launched green-park.co.uk! We’re proud to bring you a revamped, re-designed website that’s packed full of exciting new features. Why not take a tour with us and see what’s changed?

The first thing you’ll notice is sleek new design that better reflects our modern, forward-looking business. The fresh, clean look is a natural evolution of the Green Park style, complete with animated graphics that bring to life key statistics.

Find essential info fast

A closer look reveals a re-configured navigation that helps you find exactly what you want. On our home page you will find our latest awards and testimonials from some of the people we’ve worked with, both candidates and clients. If you want a second opinion of the business, this is a great place to start.

For those seeking a new role, there’s also a user-friendly job search tool that takes you straight to the details you need to know, with a registration option for those wishing to join our extensive candidate networks. And for those looking for a career in recruitment, we have a brand-new 'Work for Us' page, giving you a peak into life at Green Park.

You will also find information about our expertise, the business functions we cover and the sectors we advise and partner. And of course, you’ll find all the lowdown about our individual consultants on our ‘People’ page.

Within our 'Content Hub' resides a wealth of insights and information from the industry’s cutting-edge thought leaders as well as the latest reports, news and blog posts from the Green Park team.  

Designing for accessibility

We have also tried to make our new website accessible and as ‘user-friendly as possible’ for visually impaired users.

When designing the interface, we were certain to take the main things into consideration, for example readable combinations of fonts, colours, backgrounds and images.  The fully accessible version caters to a range of visual impairments, giving the user as much information as possible so that they can have the same quality experience as a person without any visual impairment.

Staying true to our values

Perhaps most importantly, we’ve put our ethos front and centre. We want to change the face of leadership – as our home page tells you. We know we’re aiming high but we believe in our principles. We’re not afraid to stand up and do all we can to change the world of work for the better.

You’ll find more about our story and our philosophy in the 'About Us' section, including the five ‘CREED’ values that underpin our collective vision. You’ll also find out about our commitment to delivering diversity, meeting higher standards and our role as a thought architect. It all adds up to a business with a very different mindset – and there’s plenty about that in the 'About Us' section as well.

It is this commitment to leveraging the power of collective difference that has helped us succeed, as you will see on our timeline. Showcasing the Green Park journey, we start at our inception in 2006, until we reach our numerous achievements over the past year, including 11 awards and accreditations.

Always accessible, wherever you are

For those who want to keep up with the latest from Green Park, there’s the option to sign up for our newsletters, so you’ll always be in the know. You can also access our website on the move thanks to new and improved compatibility with the latest tablets and smartphones.

All in all, it’s been a tremendous effort from the website team, who have poured months of planning and hard work into creating the site. A big thank you to all involved – and bravo.

We hope you’ll find the time to explore www.green-park.co.uk and discover our revamped site for yourself. Even better, why not make sure it’s bookmarked?

If you have any comments or feedback about the new site, we’d be happy to hear them. And if you really really like what you see … give us a call at +44 (0) 20 7399 4300.


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