16 May, 2019

The Countdown to GDPR: A ten-minute guide for the busy executive

Just in case you missed the memo, it’s time to connect the dots between business continuity, risk and technology to create deeper digital trust across your business touchpoints. But this isn’t a problem, nor should it cause you panic. Rest assured that the implications of the GDPR, that is fully enforceable across the EU from the 25 May 2018, presents a great opportunity for you to get your house in order, so that you can actually do more with personal data, not less.

The GDPR deadline day is however looming and for many companies and organisations the threatening narratives coming from solutions providers are causing more damage than good. If like us you are fed up reading about the maximum fines for infringement, subject access requests and Brexit ramifications, then this is the guide for you.

The GDPR is the biggest shake up in data protection and privacy for over two decades. But that’s not a reason to see this as simply a compliance or regulatory exercise. It’s more profound and more resolute than that because it touches the deep tissue of every public, third and private sector company and organisation.

With not long left until the legislation is fully enforced, we have been receiving an increasing number of questions around what are the most important objectives to prioritise over the coming months.

In order to ensure your organisation is GDPR ready, we have produced the Green Park Ten-Minute Guide to the GDPR Countdown with our friends at GO DPO®. By following these ten simple steps, you’ll be in good shape for not just meeting the obligations of the GDPR but for deepening digital trust with your customers, clients, supporters, partners and employees too.

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