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Jo Heath

Managing Partner

Jo Heath is Managing Partner at Green Park and leads the consultancy practice known as DICE (Diversity, Inclusion, Culture & Ethics). She is a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) auditor, specialising in Human Rights, Equality Law and Cultural Change and has worked in this field for over 20 years. She has worked both nationally and internationally with global organisations in the private, public, and third sectors carrying out complex inclusion audits and cultural impact assessments. Her clients have included Linklaters LLP, HSBC, Sky, Nationwide, Ernst & Young, Office for National Statistics, TFL, The Home Office, Edelmans, John Lewis & Partners, Aldi, Sainsburys, B&Q, BT Group, Vodafone, EDF Energy and Yorkshire Water.

She advises on all equality legislation related issues and designs and delivers a range of cultural initiatives and diversity and inclusion solutions for businesses. Jo also leads on the deployment of Green Park’s bespoke culture and inclusion audit tool and delivers inclusive leadership development programmes and coaching to executive teams and boards.

Before joining Green Park, Jo was an integral part of EY’s commercial (D&I) consultancy team, leading on the commercial practice and was the architect of the methodology of the National Equality Standard (NES) and audit process. She managed the EY cultural audit team and trained all NES auditors, thereby ensuring quality and consistency of the NES brand.

Jo leads a number of “inspiring women” panels, empowering women to advance their careers and for many years was the European representative for the Global Women Fast Forward initiative. She also supports domestic violence, hate crime and anti-social behaviour teams in London to engage and develop successful intervention programmes and was instrumental in the design of Mayoral Gold Standard for Equality and Diversity and the Mayor’s Diversity in Procurement Standard.

Our aim is to assist our clients to leverage the many opportunities and benefits valuing diversity brings yet also support them to manage the complexities of integrating diversity and inclusion.

Diversity is firmly in my DNA and as a passionate advocate of diversity I want to support others to become inclusion change agents through developing strong and visible leadership accountability and in recognising the importance of diverse talent in both pipeline activity and in retention strategies.

Jo Heath

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