The many challenges human societies, the natural environment, and the planet itself face are fundamentally interconnected. Whether it’s the climate emergency sparking huge population displacement and conflict, the degradation of marine life harming the livelihoods as much as the environment of coastal communities, or abuses of national democracy setting dangerous international precedents, no issue exists in a vacuum. Civil society organisations working regionally, internationally and/or globally are often at the sharp end of unpicking these knots.

The span of Green Park’s international presence is broad as well as deep. Working both with INGOs housed in the UK and on global appointments, we advise causes across the spectrum of civil society, from campaigners to think tanks, from network builders to aid providers, from advocates to philanthropic funders.


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Through our work we look to support and serve both civil society leaders and the causes they represent, equally seeking to strengthen the case for a global civil society that is responsive to the needs of people and planet.

Driving real impact and systems change in such a complex landscape when the stakes are so high demands bold leadership that is grounded in inclusion, integrity, and lived experience, that builds on legacy yet is unafraid to challenge the orthodoxies of the past. With our finger on the pulse of tomorrow’s talent as much as today’s, no one is set up to maximise impact through people quite like Green Park.

Having worked in over 50 countries we have developed robust processes that are intentionally inclusive and created with UK and international compliance and frameworks at their core.

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