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Yael Nevo

Senior Consultant

Yael Nevo is a Senior Consultant in Green Park’s Diversity, Inclusion, Culture & Ethics (DICE) Consultancy Practice. Yael’s is also the Founding Director of Gender Rise and In-House Gender Advisor to LSE Generate and her work focuses on supporting companies, startups and VCs in achieving sustainable gender equality and diversity through strategy, policy, and training. 

Yael holds a strong gender studies and international development background which allows her to see the consultancy work through a non-traditional lens and generate impactful ‘outside the box’ solutions.

Through her 20 years of work and study she collaborated with industry leaders such as Virgin StartUp, LSE Generate, The Guardian, UNDP, GIZ, ASEAN and Amnesty International, and was featured in BBC World News, Link Magazine, The Triple Bottom Line Podcast, Business Impact, and DiversityQ, among others.

In her capacity as a Gender Consultant, Yael developed an international, multicultural, paradigm-shifting body of work, revolving around the creation and monitoring of strategic and action-oriented policy work and training that directly leads to tangible award-winning achievements, creating sustainable change that allows everyone to thrive.

I was drawn to Green Park’s purpose-driven agenda and the opportunity to have a greater impact. As part of the DICE team, I am passionate about developing new programmes and partnerships, and represent the organisation in different spheres of influence.

Yael Nevo

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