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Our Diversity, Inclusion, Culture & Ethics Consultancy offer a range of sector-specific Learning & Development programmes tailored for each client’s specific requirements. Clients use our programmes to lower attrition rates and increase employee engagement, as well as reduce rates of sickness, absence and employee grievances.

Our unique training programmes for management, board and senior leadership can be conducted in groups or on a one-to-one basis. Our bespoke approach to training and development begins by requesting current data on diversity and previous feedback on processes, so that we can tailor our programmes to cover gaps and areas of weakness in how clients operate.

Our programmes can be used as a tool to navigate change and to empower sometimes difficult conversations to take place, with both trust and confidence…

Let’s make the uncomfortable, comfortable. Let’s talk about it!



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Our Flagship Programme

Inclusive leadership Development Programme (ILDP)

Our Inclusive leadership Development Programme (ILDP) is underpinned by cultural connectivity. Cultural connectivity and curiosity are two interrelated constructs that assess an individual's ability to effectively perform in cross-cultural situations. At Green Park we believe that cultural connectivity and the ability to increase curiosity to learn about difference are vital components to enhance a leader’s awareness of DEI and to address both individual and organisational bias.

Our 2-part programme consists of a session focused on upskilling and leadership capability and a follow up session on building accountability and leadership actions. During both parts, leaders will increase their confidence and capability in this complex area and develop their cultural competency and DEI fluency so that they are best equipped to become allies. We do this be working through a 5-Step model:

Step 1: Cultural Curiosity
Step 2: Cultural Confidence
Step 3: Cultural Connections
Step 4: Cultural Dialogue
Step 5: Cultural Fluency

This programme is aimed at senior leaders and mid-managers but has also been adapted for HR and training professionals or those who make hiring decisions. We can deliver this as part of a leadership group and also offer one to one Executive Coaching for leaders.

Green Park has worked with senior executives (circa 1500) to develop their Cultural Connectivity and Racial Fluency. We have helped them to define what cultural competency means in their own organisation, the actions they need to take to develop their own personal curiosity and have highlighted the ways in which increased cultural confidence can enhance racial dialogue and DEI fluency to mitigate bias in behaviours and systems.

Our Diversity, Inclusion, Culture & Ethics Solutions

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Our Inclusion Labs

Each lab allows you to share and learn, generate ideas and actions, critique current strategy while enhancing each stage of an employee’s journey in the company.

LAB 1 – AWARE: is an awareness-raising session to ensure all understand their responsibilities within this area and can explore critical issues that could hinder or facilitate the organisation’s ability to become more diverse and inclusive.

During this lab we will agree a common understanding of the business case for inclusion, focusing on both the moral and commercial case and consider what components create an inclusive environment. We will also explore local and global legislation related to equality law, bullying, harassment and discrimination, positive action, and positive discrimination.

LAB 2 – ALIVE: takes a 5-stage approach looking at all elements of the employee lifecycle as well as the commercial effect of your decisions. You’ll amass ideas throughout the lab by reviewing relevant data and insight embedded in an immersive board. This lab allows leaders and managers the opportunity to explore what personal commitments can be made and how these can be implemented, considering any barriers to progress and success measures. Each will leave the lab with a fully designed personal DEI action plan.

We also offer a range of bespoke labs or one-to-one coaching for leaders and their teams on all diversity and inclusivity topics, including racial fluency, gender identity, neurodiversity, LGBTQ+ awareness and mental health and wellbeing.

Inclusive Leadership Development

Alternative Training Programmes

Our ‘train the trainer’ approach coaches individuals from across your organisation to become DEI ambassadors and to enable them to facilitate a cascade of learning to their teams. To ensure the highest of quality, we observe all internal trainers as part of a broader roll out and provide confidential feedback and additional support to enable them to be an effective internal trainer and to feel equipped to address any difficult questions or internal challenge.

Another popular engagement route is reverse mentoring or sponsorship, where colleagues from gender and ethnic minority backgrounds mentor their leaders. As well as benefiting leaders, this approach provides employees who participate with greater visibility within their organisation as well as opening possibilities to broaden their own career aspirations.

Reverse mentoring and sponsorship programmes are an effective way of bridging the lived-experience gap between members of an organisation. This can be particularly useful where a senior employee might gain insights into the lived experience of a minority group, while the minority employee learns from the senior figure’s experience and advice and can safely share any barriers that they have experienced.

The Benefits Of Reverse Mentoring:

To ensure our mentors can effectively engage with mentees, we offer coaching for senior leader that equips them with the skills, insight, knowledge and confidence to effectively culturally connect with their mentee on the reverse mentoring programme. We also advise on the terms of reference of the programme so that all parties know what is expected of them, can support with a structured matching process and design the content plan of each session to include the use of inclusive language. Benefits of the programme include:

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Increase reciprocal awareness amongst leadership and break down cultural barriers.

Develop trust and promote honest, safe conversations.

Enable behavioural change in the workplace.

Share individuals’ personal perspectives on diversity.

Help create a culture that is open, curious, candid and respectful.

Our People

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