Diverse Talent Solutions (DTS)

Green Park’s Diversity, Inclusion, Culture & Ethics Consultancy developed Diverse Talent Solutions to provide additional support to organisations who recognise the need to be more representative, but are struggling to attract, appoint and retain diverse talent.

We collaborate with our clients existing Talent Acquisition teams to provide additional support to ensure their recruitment processes are inclusive, whilst in parallel connecting them to Junior and Mid-level diverse talent. All talent pools are kept nurtured by Green Park to ensure a healthy pipeline of talent for both current and future roles.

Clients who lack diversity - particularly gender, ethnicity and neurodiversity - benefit from our holistic programmes and well-proven approach to help them broaden their candidate pools and improve their employee brand to reach new candidate markets. Our Diverse Talent Solution programmes can be tailored to address the underrepresentation of a particular group of people, targeted to a particular function or utilised to increase diverse talent attraction as a whole.

Importantly, our programmes not only help clients attract and identify a wider choice of candidates but enable them to embed a culture that drives inclusion, so that employees with protected characteristics can thrive in the workplace and have a sense of true belonging.



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Diverse Talent Solutions

A Two-Phased Approach

This is not just any talent pooling programme but a comprehensive talent and positive action programme that identifies and nurtures diverse talent whilst training and upskilling in-house talent acquisition teams and hiring managers

We deliver our DTS programme in two phases:


IDENTIFY - Identifying where diverse talent exists, mapping externally against specific roles to enable the business to make more informed short/long term talent decisions.

MAP - Conducting a proportionality assessment to understand to what extent the organisation aligns with competitors (and beyond) in terms of diverse representation.


APPROACH - Approaching qualified candidates to understand their current position and invite them to join the talent/succession planning pool focusing strongly on brand promotion.

SHORTLIST - Present a refined shortlist of diverse talent focusing further on our client’s employee value proposition (EVP) promotion and developing insight the organisations brand perception from external diverse candidates.

 INTRODUCE - Facilitation of introductions to Leaders with support and preparation for both parties from a Green Park Consultant. Cultural connectivity coaching provided to hiring managers to support the process

Our Diversity, Inclusion, Culture & Ethics Solutions

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Becoming An Employer Of Choice For Diverse Candidates

As an organisation who has campaigned for more equitable leadership since our inception, we have not only proactively nurtured relationships with diverse candidate groups who recognise and respect our inclusive approach which is always transparent and authentic in our outreach, but we have built unrivalled networks of candidates who trust the Green Park brand and can act as a sounding board to understanding an organisations external reputation. This enables us to help our clients understand their brand positioning and work towards gaining an ‘employer of choice’ status.

We help clients to identify any behavioural or systemic biases that may prevent them from sourcing and attracting the best talent. In particular, we identify areas of under-representation so they can rebalance their recruitment processes and develop targeted attraction campaigns.

Diverse Talent Solutions

Building Client’s Candidate Networks

Our close candidate relationships also help us to recognise where candidate and client values align. As a result, we are able to make formal and informal introductions so that clients and candidates can build a mutual understanding of each other’s goals and aspirations.

Often made before a position is available, these introductions help our clients develop their own diverse networks and build strong diverse pipelines.

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