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Many clients come to us frustrated by the slow pace of change and lack of impactful results they achieve through their current Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Our DICE Consultancy works with these organisations to identify what is blocking their current progress and what actions they might take to improve their culture and better manage DEI.

We offer flexible and comprehensive Audit and Diagnostic services which provide a clear evidence base to identify key priorities and rationalize spend for our clients. These can be intersectional in nature, addressing all diverse groups, or can be tailored to any specific strand. 

Our scalable and data-driven approach enables organisations to effectively support under-represented groups; better manage and lead diverse teams; and realise the commercial opportunities associated with DEI for business growth.

We offer a range of Audit and Diagnostics tools that excel at sharpening our client’s processes and transforming employee thinking and behaviours. Working closely with organisations of any size or sector, we help you chose the right tool and produce carefully considered recommendations that account for their unique situation and set them up for success.


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Audit & Diagnostics

Cultural Audit Review And Engagement (CARE)

Our Cultural Audit, Review and Engagement (CARE) framework contains a number of culture and inclusion indicators, related to internal and external best practices which is aligned to the employee journey and is used to measure how inclusive an organisation is and the extent to which any strategy has the right focus.

Our approach begins by agreeing which of our robust inclusion indicators you wish to be measured against. We then review current policies and processes and conduct confidential engagement sessions across all levels of seniority in an organisation through qualitative interviews and focus groups.

CARE helps to identify ‘disconnects’ between an organisation’s policy and the actual lived experience of its employees, customers and other stakeholders. The audit usually takes from one to three months to complete and culminates in a detailed final report with practical evidence-based recommendations and a key performance indicator dashboard for monitoring progress towards greater DEI. For many of our clients the final report is used to create a comprehensive DEI strategy or action plan for their organisation or to reassess or realign priorities within their existing one. Benefits of the CARE Framework include: 

  • Identifies areas of strength, areas to be developed, and which levers can help to address areas of disproportionality, regionally and globally.
  • Identification of disproportionate outcomes/decisions across the employee lifecycle and other internal and client processes.
  • Prioritisation of and alignment of actions in a way that will help the business/functions to achieve their DEI ambitions.
  • Scoring against a set of agreed DEI performance indicators (‘Results Dashboard’) and a DEI maturity assessment (‘DEI Maturity Model’).
  • Established actions and a consistent framework to allow tracking of progress.

Whilst our CARE framework assesses inclusion across the entire employee journey, clients also have the opportunity to identify particular processes for which they require some expert analysis. This can include reviews of the recruitment, performance or progression processes or analysis of any organizational restructures with a DEI lens applied.

Our Diversity, Inclusion, Culture & Ethics Solutions

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End-to-End Recruitment Reviews

Our End-to-End Client Recruitment Reviews measure the entire recruitment journey, from attraction to hire and if required, the onboarding processes.

Using a tried and tested best practice methodology we help clients to understand the candidate experience through a range of diverse personas and pinpoint where the greatest drop-off points exist by diverse groups. Our review focuses on any bias present in behaviours, systems, and processes. A typical End-to-End Recruitment Review would include:                               

  • Familiarisation of entire recruitment journey, against live vacancies, reviewing all key stages including onboarding process.
  • Review of core policies, and cultural landscape. Review of attraction strategies and outreach plans.
  • Review of cultural attributes, expected behaviours and expectations – Person Specs, Website, Job Descriptions, Application Process, and Brand Perception Study.
  • Engagement with key stakeholders and core contributors.
  • Silent observations on final interviews with hiring managers to confidentially and sensitively address any observed bias in behaviours or the selection process.
  • Summary observation report and proposed recommendations for clients to enhance their recruitment processes and increase diverse representation by reducing any gaps in the application to hire ratios.

Audit & Diagnostics

Inclusive Leadership DEI Capability Assessment

Cultural connectivity and the ability to be curious about difference are key components of inclusive leadership.

To compliment the final interview process of any new hires, we support organisations to assess the level to which shortlisted candidates have an understanding of DEI and the level to which they are likely to inclusively lead.

To assess and score inclusive leadership capability fairly, and to mitigate bias within recruitment processes, the DICE assessment team have developed specific DEI questions which align with core competencies observed across our extensive work with inclusive leaders. These competencies sit within the following areas: 1) Curiosity, 2) Understanding, 3) Connectivity, and 4) Application.

Whilst the results from this assessment will not be a prerequisite to the organisation's final hiring decision, it will help them to measure the inclusive capabilities of candidates.

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