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Ora Rammala

Senior Consultant

Ora Rammala is a Senior Consultant in Green Park’s Diversity, Inclusion, Culture & Ethics (DICE) Consultancy Practice. Ora brings over 6 years Consultancy and Recruitment experience to the team. As an DEI expert, she specialises on intersectionality, anti-racism, LGBTQIA+ rights, and racial equity.  

Ora started her early career in BI, Data and UX Design recruitment where she worked on developing an inclusive recruitment strategy and programme. Her specialism on African heritage, intersectionality, and queer histories during her master's lends to her current role as and DEI consultant. Ora has worked for various DEI consultancies delivering EDI training, audits, and cultural transformation projects.

Ora leads, hosts, and speaks on several panels centring women of colour and their intersectional experiences within the LGBTQIA+ community. She is a advisor for the queer mental health platform Kalda and is an avid advocate of creating psychologically safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ people.

I recognised that Green Park are one of the few consultancies on the market that are simultaneously dedicated to DEI whilst also being able to support clients at every touch point of the employee lifecycle. This is vital for DEI because in order catalyse sustainable change this work needs to be holistic. As part of the DICE team, I am dedicated to creating holistic cultural change in organisations who are embarking on developing their DEI journey.

Ora Rammala

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