Our Mission

Our mission is to change the face of leadership by helping organisations think differently about talent. Championing diversity & inclusion since day one, Green Park are driven by the core belief that there’s no shortage of talent, only opportunity. We have carefully crafted our executive recruitment and organisational consulting capabilities to help organisations realise the value of more equitable leadership teams and workplace cultures.

Working across the Private & Commercial and Civil Society & Government sectors, Green Park have been instrumental in helping today’s leading organisations unlock their competitive advantage. Our Diversity, Inclusion, Culture & Ethics Consultancy has trained over 1600 leaders and last year we appointed an ethnic minority individual to a senior role every four days. Our aim is to make this an everyday occurrence by 2025.


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Our Purpose

Institutionalised Inclusion

We work with organisations to help them understand talent and build the capability and structure to drive increased inclusion, engagement and productivity. Our aim is to institutionalise inclusion in a way that cultivates a strong pipeline of future leaders with the diversity of thought to harness the power of collective difference and builds a sustainable, fair tomorrow.

We are at the cutting edge of what drives talent decisions at major organisations, continually analysing the workforce trends and identifying the talent gaps across the UK’s leading companies for over a decade. This gives Green Park the industry’s most robust data-set and market map of diverse talent in the UK.


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Invested In The Future

We understand that recruiting a broader range of talent is only the beginning - people must be set up for success in order to thrive within the organisation and make their contribution felt. That’s why we don’t force-fit diverse talent where it can’t succeed.

In order to achieve positive change, our support goes beyond the moment of recruitment. We use our data, cultural understanding and experience to build client capabilities in diversity, inclusion, culture and ethics and create sustainable organisation design and infrastructure, helping organisations navigate change and evolve their own culture and unlock their future potential.

Since our inception, we have raised standards across the talent industry and changed customer expectations of what a modern headhunter should look like and deliver. Building a reputation for ethical, inclusive, fair and transparent practices, our diverse candidate shortlists have consistently widened the gate to great talent, without ever lowering the bar to compromise on excellence.

But we know that building a more sustainable and equitable future for everyone requires a collective commitment and we believe this starts with us. As we grow our business, we aim to deliver £1million of social value per annum to improving children's lives and strengthening the communities and environments we operate in.


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Living Our CREED

At Green Park, we understand the importance of having clearly articulated values that guide the decisions and behaviours of all team members. With our open, honest, inclusive business philosophy, we are able to consistently deliver with authenticity and integrity.

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Curious. Bold. Challenging.


Excellent. Accountable. Consistent.


Respectful. Understanding. Collaborative.


Resilient. Enthusiastic. Focussed.


Expert. Authentic. Inclusive.

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