19 June, 2018

Woman in City: Charities lack diversity at senior level

New Research conducted by Green Park reveals that of the largest 100 UK charities more than a third of their senior leadership teams have no ethno-cultural diversity representation.

Statistics show that ethnic minority leaders only make up 8.1% of the senior positions in the largest 100 UK charities and this falls to 6.2% when looking at the highest positions such as CEO and CFO. Contrastingly, although women have greater representation in the top 100 UK Charities senior positions making up 41%, their representation is limited at 27.5% in the top 3 roles of Chair, CEO and CFO. Moreover, when observing the largest 100 UK charities it is evident that women only constitute 23% of chair positions.

The ‘Third Sector Leadership 2,000’ established by Green Park, is an analysis of the backgrounds of 1,866 individuals. The mapping is carried out by a complex programme that uses a global database of 1.2 billion individual accounts and considers each person’s gender and ethno-cultural background.


This article was published in Women in the City on the 15th of June, 2018. For the full article, click here.

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