28 November, 2023

Reflections from the Green Park Global Talent Conference

The first Green Park Global Talent Conference was a huge success, with over 900 registered attendees from 49 countries engaging with sessions on a wide-range of topics across diversity, leadership, social value, and technology.

As a purpose-led organisation, our motivation behind this event was rooted both in the desire to add value to our network by equipping them with the tools and insights to navigate the challenges and capitalise on the opportunities they face, and to accelerate change across DEI efforts globally.

To accomplish this, we needed to do something different. Through panel discussions, expert speakers, and exclusive research, the conference delivered tangible value. It provided a roadmap for organisations, offering practical guidance and fostering open conversations between leaders in the talent space.

The session topics were chosen based on conversations we have had with our clients and communities, as well as where we see areas of exploration developing. From intersectionality’s role in driving cultural change, through to the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence, including the attraction, retention, and development of talent, our agenda was designed to address pressing concerns. Some other questions we attempted to answer include “Why Should Businesses Engage in Social Value?”, “Is Faith the Key to Unlocking More Ethical Leadership?” and “How Do Leaders Create a Purpose Driven Workplace and Reduce Attrition?”.

Our ambition was clear: to expedite progress in the DEI landscape. By bringing together a range of impressive professionals, thought leaders, and change-makers, we aimed to foster collaborative learning and the exchange of insights for a more inclusive and equitable future.

I saw a strong desire among organisations to learn from each other. Across the board, challenges around data, especially regarding diversity and socio-economic aspects, remain a significant challenge. The impact of AI on talent strategies was a common concern, and the significance of social value as a business imperative shone through.

Attendees left with actionable insights and practical advice, and with the assurance that our experts at Green Park are available for ongoing support. We look forward to all you joining us again at the Global Talent Conference 2024, and the progress we will make together in the meantime.

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The session recordings and other insights can be found on the Conference Hub here.

Raj Tulsiani

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Raj Tulsiani

CEO & Founder

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