8 March, 2024

How Can Women Best Be Supported in the Workplace?

To mark this year’s International Women's Day theme #InspireInclusion, we asked the Green Park team to share what they think makes them, and other women, feel most supported in the workplace.

Keep reading below for their thoughts and practical advice:


"In my opinion, in order for women to feel supported in the workplace we need to prioritises wellbeing, not as an add-on, on top of all the other many responsibilities we each got have on our plate, but as an integral part of business modelling.

Incorporating wellbeing into the everyday signals to all employees that they can be themselves and it's even more important for women, who often work in masculine environments, having to shape-shift in order to fit in."

- Senior Consultant

"As women we are constantly fed the narrative that we should want and be able to achieve it all and that’s an unrealistic expectation. We are also taught that we need to be in competition with each other to succeed.

There is no shame in acknowledging the struggles that being in a woman in the workplace can bring, but as women we need to champion each other. When women work together for collective success it can be a hugely powerful force – one that’s impossible to ignore."

- Director

"Women are best supported in the workplace when they’re encouraged to contribute to an organisational culture in their own way, rather than having to try and match cultures that can be exclusionary and confining.

I have felt most empowered when I am encouraged to make an impact with my own vision and perspective on the world. And organisations can really take their work to the next level when women are encouraged to bring their own perspective to make an impact."

- Head of Function

"My top tip would be to find mentor(s) who sit outside your organisation, who you admire, and who are very different to you.

These are likely to be different people at different stages of your career, but they will be invaluable."

- Chief Officer

"Be yourself, don't let imposter syndrome prevent you from going for what you want. Believe in your capabilities and others will too - if you're in the room, you are there for a reason."

- Director

"Prioritising an inclusive and collaborative workplace is the best way I can think of to help all women thrive.

I hope to see outdated workplaces norms – which may act as barriers to anyone in an organisation – continue to be dismantled."

- Manager

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