3 August, 2023

Green Park Named the UK’s Global Talent Advisory Firm of the Year by the International Elite 100 Awards.

Green Park are proud to have been named the UK’s Global Talent Advisory Firm of the Year by the International Elite 100 Awards. Recognising Green Park’s ability to lead from the front and commitment to quality, the International Elite 100 Awards honours organisations who have made outstanding achievements pertaining to global talent.

{{imageAltText(storage/images/Elite 100 Awards 2023.jpg)}}The International Elite 100 Awards nominees are shortlisted via a process of in-house scrutiny and assessment, which utilises a variety of methods to identify those firms and individuals demonstrating outstanding achievements. These methods include reviewing vertical-specific market research, client nominations, referrals, press coverage and industry awards.  In each award category a final five nominees are shortlisted who are then reviewed against selection criteria using Elite 100’s proprietary process based on merit and achievement.

Green Park was selected for their robust, inclusive and transparent Interim and Executive search processes, as well as their integrated, customer-centric and forward-looking leadership and diversity consultancy services, designed to boost candidate and employee experience at all stages of the talent life cycle.

For further information on how Green Park can help your organisation to build high-performing leadership teams and more inclusive company culture, get in touch.

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