5 February, 2024

Green Park Is Proud to Power Race Equality Week 2024

As co-founders of Race Equality Matters, Green Park is proud to power Race Equality Week 2024, where employers and workforces across the country can unite in activity to drive inclusion and equality throughout their businesses.

What is Race Equality Week and why is it important?

Race Equality Week is an annual UK-wide movement uniting hundreds of thousands of organisations and individuals to address the barriers to race equality in the workplace. As a minority-owned business, anti-racism and the promotion of DEI has been at the heart of Green Park since we were founded in 2006. That is why Green Park co-founded Race Equality Matters in 2020, with the purpose of accelerating meaningful change in the workplace.

Green Park CEO and Race Equality Matters co-founder, Raj Tulsiani, shares why the week is so important in tackling race inequality: “Race Equality Week has become a vital part of intersectional progress. It allows organisations to both reflect and pursue action towards tackling race inequality.

Race Equality Week has grown from an initial idea, to now 4 million people and 4500 companies across the UK, it proves that the topic of race equality can’t be ignored or handled in a tokenistic manner.

Additionally, it provides free guides, community-led feedback, and solutions to create inclusive work environments and these solutions have been shaped with the help of people in the community who have a lived experience of discrimination. We put the spotlight on organisations who care.”

What’s new this year and how can organisations get involved?

With virtual events and solutions, tools, and resources co-created with those with lived experience, this year's Race Equality Week theme is #ListenActChange and there are plenty of ways to drive action and impact across your workplace.

Simple ways that organisations can get involved include:

  • Taking part in the 5-Day Challenge 2024: 5 different activities for all your colleagues to engage in over 5 days. Green Park are delighted to participate in the challenge.
  • Join The Big Collaboration: back by popular demand, the theme for the 2nd Big Collaboration is: How can we get everyone to #ListenActChange?
  • Be part of Lead the Change, the world’s biggest race equality reciprocal mentoring forum with the REM community.
  • Download the participants pack for suggested content and virtual badges to promote your involvement.

What is Green Park doing to mark Race Equality Week?

This year, Green Park is proud to sponsor Race Equality Week’s Lead the Change, the world’s biggest race equality reciprocal mentoring forum. This event will be the first of its kind, bringing together hundreds of leaders and changemakers from across sectors, and expert speakers will include Raj Tulsiani, CEO of Green Park and Co-founder of Race Equality Matters.

During Race Equality Week, Green Park's Diversity, Inclusion, Culture & Ethics (DICE) Practice will also host a virtual session ‘The Importance of ‘Active Allyship’ and the Role of Intersectionality’. This half-hour session will explore the virtues of allyship and the benefits of an intersectional approach. And, supporting the Race Equality Week 2024 theme #ListenActChange, it is open to everyone and completely free to join. Sign up here.

To take part in Race Equality Week 2024 and register for the free virtual events, click here.

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