3 May, 2019

Leadership 10,000 (2017)

This is the fourth year of the Green Park Leadership 10,000 report and the inaugural year of our FTSE100 Leadership Diversity Index.

For the first time, this year we have ranked the FTSE 100 companies by their successes and commitment to improving diversity acros their leadership.

Since we first launched this periodic review analysing the diversity of the UK’s largest companies, much has changed. The nation has gone to the polls in an unexpected general election and the UK has taken a historic decision to leave the European Union.

In every industrial sector, disruption is the norm and enterprises are increasingly dealing with the threats and opportunities presented by technological change. Both political and business leaders are also being confronted with a steady fall in public trust for a variety of reasons; not least for the fact that neither business, nor politics fully represents the population at large.

Green Park’s periodic reports into the composition of the top 10,000 roles in the FTSE 100 are part of our contribution to greater transparency in the corporate sector. We genuinely believe that most businesses want to regain the trust of their customers, shareholders and their staff.

Our experience with clients and partners, for whom we provide strategic advice and programmes of support, is that almost everyone now understands the commercial and reputational gains to be made from greater diversity and we hope that this report will spur you to ask the crucial question of your own organisation: “what can we do to deliver sustainable change in increasing diversity – and why aren’t we doing it already?”

This report examines the backgrounds of 10,129 individuals in total. Data is analysed using a cross-method from several sources, many of which are publicly available including annual reports, London Stock Exchange listing information, company websites and LinkedIn.

Key Findings 2017

  • Ethnic diversity in leadership pipeline within FTSE 100 companies increases by 5%, the highest level for four years
  • Six-in-10 (58%) main boards have no ethnic minority presence, despite the Government’s Parker Review recommending no FTSE 100 board should be exclusively white by 2021
  • Gender diversity in leadership is now moving back in more industries than moving forward
  • Women have to be three times more educated than men to sit on a FTSE 100 Board. 

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