Business Leaders Index 2024 - FTSE 350

After a decade of analysis, Green Park published the 2024 Business Leaders Index on diversity at senior levels in the FTSE 350 companies.

The Green Park Business Leaders Index 2024 is a review of the composition of the UK’s most senior leadership, through the lens of gender and ethnocultural diversity. It features:

  • 10 years of analysis
  • Over 16,000 roles 
  • Across FTSE 350
  • By sector and function 
  • Gender representation and ethnocultural analysis

Key Headlines

1. Progress is visible - for some

Chair, CEO and CFO have all experienced an increase in female representation during the period 2013 to 2023. There has been an increase in overall ethnic minority representation at all levels of seniority for the first time since the analysis began.

2. Women and ethnic minorities are often on the B road to get to the very top

Women remain significantly under-represented in many roles, notably Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chief Finance Officer (CFO), Chair, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Operations Officer (COO), General Manager (GM), and Vice President (VP).

3. Diversity and people-led functions are the least diverse

Most people-led positions in the FTSE 350 are held by females, and there are no males represented in Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) roles.

4. There is a huge divergence emerging amongst minority ethnocultural groups

Across the FTSE 350 Hindu & Sikh are the most prevalent ethnocultural group in the Top 3, Top 20 and Pipeline; Black representation is poor by comparison and at the top level has fallen since 2019.


The Snapshot is a condensed overview of the key findings of the report and can be viewed here.

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