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Bontle Senne

Chief Digital & Information Officer

Bontle Senne is the Chief Digital & Information Officer at Green Park and leads data governance, digital transformation, cybersecurity, and digital innovation. Bontle is also Chief Executive of DEJI Digital, a Green Park company specialising in talent, performance, and DE&I AI SaaS products.

Her experience as a digital executive includes co-leading the pre-merger integration of a £31bn megamerger in the UK, driving the $90m fintech acquisition in Singapore/South Africa, and leading a global Agile transformation in corporate and investment banking across 3 continents. Her experience as an advisor includes leading several projects at McKinsey and Company and leading the London office of a boutique innovation firm.

Bontle is also a published author and multidisciplinary ICF accredited coach. She is a patron and part-owner of Southern African start-up feminist publisher, Modjaji Books, and a trustee at akt, a UK LGBTQ+ charity for unhoused and homeless youth.

Her pronouns are she/her. The #MyNameIs pronunciation of her name is Bontle [boont-laire] Senne [sin-neh].

Image of Bontle Senna - Chief Information and Technology Officer at Green Park Executive Search.

There is so much hype about the harm new technology may have on the workforce and workplace. I am excited to lead Green Park in reframing the role of AI, online communities, and natural language processing (NLP) as a catalyst for human creativity and connection. With our intersectional team and 20 years of insights on diversity, we can use digital tools to empower people to solve real barriers to inclusion and scale approaches to changing mindsets, behaviours, and practices.

Bontle Senne

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