Silence is no longer an option

PR gesturing will make no difference. Meaningful Action will. 

With all the issues and news relating to the tragic events, including the George Floyd killing, the impact of COVID and inequalities to the BAME community, there is a real opportunity right now to create meaningful change in racial equality both in the workforce & in society.


of leaders believe an inclusive workplace is vital to success


felt recent BLM social posts by organisations were meaningless


of leaders felt current events have provided an opportunity to talk about Race

Our Mission

Driven by passion and anger, there is an appetite for action, yet there are a lot of individuals and organisations that could be accused of simply jumping on the bandwagon, or saying what they think they should be saying or making hollow gestures.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We are creating a movement, a collaboration of companies, organsitions, BAME networks, experts in the field, allies, and employees.

Race Equality Matters

Founded by Green Park & The Collaboratory, Race Equality Matters is a collaboration of individuals and organsitions uniting and collaborating to address the challenge of Race in the Workplace.

Following a series of 70+ in depth 1-2-1 interviews, we have gained some fascinating and inspiring insights from amazing senior business leaders, BAME network leads and BAME/D&I experts (thank you to them). We intend to create solutions and will work with collaborating organisations to implement the change.

A part of these solutions will be the Race Equality Network – a UK wide network of Race/BAME networks.

Will you be part of the movement?

Race Equality Network

The members of the Race Equality Network will be:

  1. Part of a UK wide BAME network of networks.
  2. Provided with support to make a greater strategic impact.
  3. United in helping to amplify voices of those not being heard.
  4. Part of a development, training, and best practice exchange for BAME employee networks and / or resource group leaders.
  5. Provided with tools and fully developed initiatives to have strategic impact and create change within your organisation.
  6. Part of a movement that will help convene organisations that want to be part of the solution.
  7. Empowered to be a critical friend to senior leaders and departments holding them to account on bame policies.
  8. Demonstrating that it’s not just about a social media post or a slogan- what matters is taking meaningful action.
  9. Helping to mobilise the allies.
  10. Creating equality, equity, and true inclusion.

Register to be part

Please register your interest to be kept informed, be part of the movement, have access to the tools and support the change we are striving for. 


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