Leadership Development

At Green Park we have the immense privilege of finding, selecting and developing top talent for Board and Senior Leadership positions and teams right across the UK economy.

Our leadership programmes draw on the deep knowledge this gives us, including the technical skills that most differentiate top leaders and the leadership styles that ensure that they don’t just deliver but do so in a way that values difference, promotes inclusion and creates followership.

We drive for diversity in all we do, and through this lens, our programmes support leaders at three distinct levels: with Top Teams, with senior leaders and with new or aspirational future managers.


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Leadership Development

Model Leadership At Every Level

Top teams need to set the strategic focus, inspire others and role model the value they place on inclusion to drive performance and engagement at every level.  We support you to put this critical building block in place at the top and then to help create a common language around leadership at every level.

Through decades of our own experience and global research, we know that the behaviours leaders exhibit trumps ‘know how’ alone, every time. Individually and collectively, leaders set the tone, convey the organisational strategy to the workforce and create the conditions for others to deliver effectively with accountability.

We help leaders reach a deep understanding of themselves, their context and their impact on others and create a clear line of sight between strategic intent and supporting operational activity to deliver great results.  

Consultancy & Leadership Services Expertise

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Drive Top Team Impact

Top team interactions are a dynamic system and never stand still. Whether your strategy is evolving, team membership has changed or your competitive landscape has shifted, the way a top team works together will have wide-reaching impact on the organisation’s success.

A team’s positive impact is a function not just of having capable individuals and the right skills around the table, but the ability of individual members to work together effectively, whether in person or in a virtual workplace.

Green Park’s Top Team Impact solution enhances a team’s ability to drive results, lead through change and to shift culture. We achieve this through a combination of 1:1 coaching for team members and facilitated group working, supported by proven individual and team diagnostics to inform a bespoke development plan through which to make lasting change.

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