Assessments and Diagnostics

Today’s leaders require more agility, ability to navigate uncertainty, and openness to change than ever before. They face relentless pandemic and economic pressures, complexities from having five generations now in the workforce, an escalating climate emergency, war, natural disasters, and the need to create more inclusive cultures that allow diverse talent to flourish.

Using psychometrics and other behavioural assessment methods, Green Park add rigour to the process of understanding leadership behaviour. We recognise that leadership behaviour is influenced by many factors which is why our approach takes a holistic view of an individual. Through ‘diving deep’ on candidates’ motives, values, traits, skills, and experience, we can predict role performance based on the context of the role and organisation.


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Assessments and Diagnostics

Reduction Of Bias

With diversity at the core of the way that we work, the use of robust assessment methods can support the reduction of bias and add an additional layer of objectivity to people processes through providing measurable, objective data and an all-round view of an individual and their impact.

Beyond the individual, our approach can provide data at the team level, giving insight into the makeup of existing teams, their strengths as well as where gaps may be, informing future development or recruitment requirements.

Our unique assembly of online and consultant-led assessments help to:

  • Test leadership impact and style during executive or leadership selection processes
  • Diagnose the cultural intelligence and inclusive characteristics of individuals and teams
  • Avoid ‘culture fit’ rather ensuring that new appointees bring ‘culture-add’ factors to the team
  • Tailor assessments that suit your culture, team and role specific needs

Leadership Development & Assessment Expertise

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Our Approach

Through our extensive research and work with thousands of leaders each year, Green Park has defined 12 behaviours which are critical for high performance as a leader. These attributes drive future-focused and inclusive leadership and are structured under four clusters; Knows Self, Leads People, Advances Inclusion and Shapes Transformation.

Our diverse team includes Board and Leadership experts, Business Psychologists and Coaches, giving a rounded and ‘whole person’ focus to our assessment solutions. We offer both off-the-shelf and bespoke assessment solutions and only leverage assessments which are accredited for use in selection by the British Psychological Society due to their reliability, validity, and fairness.

Our People

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