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Should Diversity be on your Board’s Risk register? 

Is now the time for your board governance to extend to a sustainable investment in diversity?

If you feel any three of the board indicators below apply to you then Diversity should be on your risk register. 

  1. We have no accurate data on the ethno-cultural background of our staff, customers and local populations;
  2. We do not leverage concordance to drive profit or a higher level of service
  3. We have no independent verification of our diversity strategy and how we are benchmarking its effect on our ability to attract and retain talent;
  4. We suspect that diversity can encourage innovation, engagement and customer brand but don’t know how to operationalise this;
  5. We feel let down by head-hunters and wish to have a wider choice without sacrificing quality;
  6. We understand benchmarks exist but don’t know how we and our competitors compare to FTSE100 / Industry norms;
  7. We have no partner to tell us what’s round the corner: regulation, talent strategies and customer patterns: we are not in a network we can protect ourselves with;
  8. We want to be recognised as a board that takes diversity seriously throughout our business but don’t know how to move the dial and need help providing hard evidence of enterprise wide improvement;
  9. We are nervous about this area and want our executives to understand and protect our business under this increasing public scrutiny;
  10. We struggle with developing diversity assessed succession plans particularly when cross cultural virtual team leadership is a prerequisite;
  11. We don’t have an ‘expert friend’ in the space who can partner with us over a period of years in a non-judgemental manner to allow us to develop as a business in this area.
  12. We want to make a difference but are not sure we have the right people doing the right things to be confident our commitments are being delivered in line with our values.