Our Charity Partners

Green Park has joined partners with the National Literacy Trust, an independent charity that believes everyone in the UK should have the literacy skills they need.

One person in six in the UK today has poor literacy. This means they find it difficult to succeed at school, are locked out of the job market, are unable to support their child’s learning and struggle with daily tasks such as filling in forms or reading labels on food packaging.

Green Park has taken part t in the ‘Words for Work’ Programme which actively unlocks young people’s speaking and listening skills for future employability.  The 8 week programme is designed to help young people to find employment. It is a school based intervention that is offered to students before they start on the journey of exams, interviews and job seeking. The programme focuses on improving student’s literacy skills, helps them to develop crucial employability skills and teaches them confidence in their own abilities.

We have worked alongside a local school with year 9 and year 10 students on tasks that stimulate thought and discussion around communication and how important it may be for their future.