Market Innovations

We understand that we have to innovate in order to remain market leading against the competition.  We build our innovations with the help of our customers, ensuring that these products are truly developed with our customers’ needs and requirements in mind.

Pre Recruitment Stakeholder Alignment

Over the course of our years in headhunting, we’ve come to understand that a complete and accurate description of the role’s responsibilities isn’t enough in isolation: it’s also imperative that we understand what the stakeholders require and what’s important for their environment and culture. GPScope is the industry’s most wide-reaching and accurate culture and stakeholder briefing tool, helping us ensure we deliver ‘Right First Time’.  It helps us align relevant stakeholders and reflects their requirements so we can agree a precise and accurate narrative to ensure that the shortlisted candidates possess all of the desired skills as identified.

A Thoughtful and Evidence Based Approach to Candidate Pre-Qualification

Once we understand the stakeholder environment, culture, and role, we know that we need to focus closely on the rigorous and accurate assessment of candidates, on a level playing field. GPAssess combines Green Park’s own range of psychometric tools and assessments, providing a thoughtful and in-depth view of each candidate, and their relative capabilities.  Our Assessments include Managing for Public Value, Leadership on Demand and the Henley Change Management Framework.

GPEnhance:  Post Placement Performance Enhancement Methodology that Ensures ROI

In today’s environment, we know that we have to be strategic business partners to deliver the highest level of value to our customers,and that means continuing to add value even after we’ve identified and attracted the best candidate to the role. GPEnhance is a unique online platform that helps us create the structure our placed candidates need to receive and act on feedback, ensuring they continuously improve and deliver sustainable value.

Interim +:  Exclusive Board Practice Methodology for our most Senior or Sensitive Assignments

Interim+ is an exclusive board level methodology our Board Practice utilises for interim roles, and our most senior or sensitive ‘head renting’ assignments.  The methodology encompasses and includes many of our market leading innovations, including GPScope, GPAssess, GPEnhance and Diverse leaders.


The challenging economy means that a high proportion of Executive Search mandates – delivered by inadequate recruitment agencies or direct – are failing. To help customers who’re facing a failed initiative, we have created GPRevive, a forensic, evidence-based methodology to rescue failing or stalled searches.

Diverse Leaders:

We know that diverse talent can be hard to find, so we’ve proactively created our own network of more than 2000 diverse professionals at £100k+ level, creating an exceptional sounding board to check the way brands and employment propositions are viewed in target markets. Diverse Leaders is also an excellent starting point for our search for diverse Non-Executive Director level candidates and mentors, providing a unique channel for recommendation and referral.  

For more information about our unique innovations and assessments please contact us on 0207 399 4300.