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I read with interest a recent Guardian article  about the benefits of channel shift to local authorities and some of its clients: For those not au fait with this new local government lingo; nearly a year ago, the government’s digital champion Martha Lane Fox published a report entitled Directgov 2010 and Beyond: revolution not […]


Green Park Executive Search’s Head of Charities & Social Enterprise, Kai Adams, is delighted to announce the recent placement of Mark Castle OBE as the new Chief Executive of Victim Support.  Mark Castle is currently CEO of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) and was previously Chief Executive of the Association of Police […]

04 Apr

A few nights ago I enjoyed a nice meal with a friend who has been a client for five years or so (and very briefly a candidate before I introduced her to a forward thinking organisation). As always the conversation was wide-ranging and of immediate value to me – thinking about how Green Park can […]


I view Lord Davies’ recent update on gender diversity – naming 50 FTSE Boards who are all white and male (we made it over 60 in February)  - with mixed feelings. I support the agenda and fully agree when he says: “If you are a chief executive officer and you don’t have gender diversity or diversity […]

Andrea 005

With relations between local and central government at an all-time low, Lord Heseltine’s recent call for local authorities to merge the role of Chief Executive and Leader into the super-role of a directly elected Chief Executive has re-ignited the debate as to whether authorities really need a designated Chief Executive. Would the desired ‘savings’ bring […]

31 Mar

Following the final episode of the superb Line of Duty last week, I’ve been combatting withdrawal symptoms by re-watching the equally dark, equally sinuous House of Cards. The writing is excellent and the acting brilliant.  Both are sinister.  Both depict human interaction at its most fractured and self-serving.  Both left me feeling more than a little repelled.  And […]