DRIVE: Diversity Recruitment Institute for Value and Excellence

DRIVE: Diversity In Recruitment

What is DRIVE?

DRIVE (Diversity Recruitment Institute for Value and Excellence) is Green Park’s latest diversity initiative, chaired by Baroness Janet Royall, with the aim to effect an extra 150,000 diverse hiring choices over the next five years.

How does it work?

By working with organisations across all sectors to understand and share the best of best practice, as well as providing practical tools and guidance in order to help advance their diversity efforts, DRIVE’s purpose is to make a diversity difference by focusing on four main areas where the broadest impact on diversity and inclusion will be: Recruitment, Talent Management, Procurement and Trust in your Brand. 

We will conduct market led and pioneering research in these four areas, producing a white paper on each area that will give access to latest best-practice and fresh thinking so that our members can benefit from adopting best practice and applying this to solve their diversity problems. It’s a holistic approach. 

Yes, we are a recruitment company. However, over the last ten years we have seen a big shift in the understanding of what diversity and inclusion is from our clients. We have helped as well as challenged our clients to push for more diverse candidates and hires, and we know some great best practice learnings. We have worked with many Boards and worked in over 55 countries to know that there is more of a need to get the diversity agenda right, and many companies have been talking about this agenda for so long that there is a general fatigue around this.

Get involved:
Be a part of this national, social inclusion movement and find out how you can make your organisation stronger in diversity.


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Amir Kabel
Head of Diversity & Inclusion
+44(0) 7780 431 266

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