Commerce & Industry Newsletter, October 2014

17 Oct

Commerce & Industry Newsletter, October 2014

Posted by: James Hunt
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Welcome to the October Commerce & Industry newsletter from Green Park Interim Management & Executive Search, which you can sign up to by clicking the following link:

We’re delighted that our main article is an expert interview with Susan Edwards, Director of UK HR at Abellio Group.

We’d also like to draw your attention to our Leadership 10,000 report, featured on BBC news and in all major broadsheets. Highlights include:

  • Amongst 289 key executives in the FTSE 100 who occupy the posts of Chairman, CEO and CFO, just a dozen are women
  • The fifteen industrial sectors of the FTSE 100 show very different levels of diversity; strikingly, those which typically show a smaller gender deficit, such as utilities, tend to show a much larger ethno-cultural deficit; and vice versa, as, for example, in the case of natural resources
  • Women are most likely to be found in Top 100 positions in consumer-focused businesses, such as media, technology and consumer goods; and that the largest gender deficits occur where the customers are other businesses, such as in the engineering and construction sectors.

The full list of this month’s articles are as follows:

1. Expert Interview

Susan Edwards, Director of UK HR at Abellio Group

2. Leadership

Our headline-making review of diversity amongst the UK’s most influential business leaders

3. Candidate Spotlight

Tim Harris, Interim Marketing & Communications Director

4. James Hunt

Previous sector experience; how much of a hindrance is it to you?

5. Green Park in the News: The Independent

At least some gender battles are won. Race is the elephant in the boardroom.

6. Green Park in the News: The Guardian

Vince Cable to review number of ethnic minority board members

7. Interim Management Association (IMA)

Q2 Ipsos MORI data released

8. Latest Mandates

The most recent Commerce & Industry roles undertaken by Green Park

9. Latest role

Interim Rail Franchise Mobilisation Consultant

10. Telegraph Business Club

Green Park’s co-founders Raj Tulsiani and Steve Baggi tell the Telegraph Business Club how their fresh approach to diversity and executive resourcing has made the business a success.

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