Candidate Pledge

Access the best roles in the market and grab the next rung on the career ladder with a little help from the 19th fastest growing company on the Sunday Times’ Fast Track 100
Whatever your line of work, rarely is a career path cut out completely smooth, well paved and easy to navigate.  It’s tough going it alone, fiercely competitive and often that path can get rocky and unstable.
At Green Park, we understand that great candidate experience is what sets exceptional suppliers apart. We know that your time as a candidate can be intense, emotive and at times challenging. As a team, we focus on delivering consistently excellent candidate care and communication, based on a firm foundation of respect for each and every person we work with.
We care about you and we care about where you end up.  We take the time to get to know you as a person, advising and supporting you throughout your journey.
Our pledge to you is to do everything we can to ensure your experience as a Green Park candidate is smooth, efficient, and – whether you are successful in your application or not – helps you move forward in your career journey in some way. Throughout all of our interactions, we’ll treat you with the respect and consideration you deserve.